how belatedly copy ACLs?

Chuck Kollars ckollars9 at
Thu Feb 21 01:21:18 GMT 2008

My original has Posix ACLs (they work fine, that's not
the issue). I screwed up my backup by forgetting to
copy the ACLs. But now my backup isn't right and I
want to fix it. Using the right `rsync` with the right
parameter isn't enough to fix the problem. Even the
right `rsync` sees this as "no change" and doesn't
copy anything (since the file contents haven't
changed, the ACLs haven't changed either, and quite a
few of the 'files' are really directories [often
empty] which seem to be
handled a little differently). 

How can I get `rsync` to understand that "ACL vs.
noACL" is a "difference"? 

Alternatively, supposing I give up on getting `rsync`
to actually understand, how can I just "force" it to
deal with every single file  ...even the ones it
thinks haven't changed?


-Chuck Kollars

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