Problem with sync files when no dir in the destin

Anselmo Battisti anselmobattisti at
Tue Feb 19 23:14:52 GMT 2008

Hi i'm a new user but rsync is easy and a great tool

I have a folder caled source and a folder caled destini, like this

+ Source
 |_ FolderA
 |____ File1
 |____ File2

+ Destini
I use this comando to sync only File 1

rsync -a Souce/FolderA/File1 Destini

it's copy the File 1 to Destini but i would like who rsync create te Folder A in the destini and put the File 1 inside Then.

I read many times the man but not find anything about it, it's possible, thanks for some help.

By the way, i need to specify the name of file i want to copy i can't use

rsync -r Souce Destini

Becouse in the Source Folder exist some file if i didn't whant to copy.

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