Need ideas for project

Wayne Davison wayned at
Tue Feb 19 00:42:50 GMT 2008

Here's another idea that I've been meaning to investigate:

Modify the checksum algorithm to make the rolling checksum stronger, and
eliminate the strong checksum.  This would mean that the generator would
only send the new rolling checksum data to the sender, and that the
sender would only need to cache (and check) this new checksum (instead
of checking for a match in the weak checksum and then verifying it by
computing and comparing the strong checksum on the match).  Some
suggested algorithms can be found in chapter 4 of Tridge's PhD thesis.

I'd suggest testing an algorithm for speed, size of checksum data, and
number of resend failures in a large amount of file data.  Compare it
against the regular rsync algorithm and other alternates.


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