Rsync 2.6.9 does not skip any files based on modification time

Stefan Malte Schumacher stefanmalte at
Sat Feb 16 15:13:00 GMT 2008

> rsync -rvtO --del --files-from=/cygdrive/C/Programme/cwRsync/rsync.txt
> \       --modify-window=3 / stefan at
> > How should I list E:\Bücher & Comics in rsync.txt ?
> > As /cygdrive/E/Bücher & Comics or should I just use single or double
> > quotes ?
> As you said.  rsync.txt should contain these two lines:
> /cygdrive/D/Temp
> /cygdrive/E/Bücher & Comics

I just tried what you suggested Matt but unfortunately Rsync again complains
about the filenames -
"Bücher & Comics" changes to "B_cher & Comics" and for the subdirectory
"Bücher & Rollenspiele" I get a "file has vanished"  for each file in it and
even the directory itself is not created.  If I change the name of the
directory from "Bücher & Comics" to "Bucher" and call it directly from the
command line instead of using --files-from "Bücher & Rollenspiele" is
created and the files in it are copied. I have read the posting you read
concerning the "file has vanished"-message and the language for non-unicode
apps is set to german !

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