Rsync problems with some files & timestamp

Matt McCutchen matt at
Thu Feb 14 13:40:27 GMT 2008

On Thu, 2008-02-14 at 00:49 -0800, Zemitch wrote:
> rsync 2.6.8 on OES 2 Linux
> On an OES 2 Linux server I mount a Netware volume (ncpmount) that is the
> destination server.
> All volumes are NSS.
> Some files are renamed in the destination volume.
> For example :
> (/media/backup is the NCP mount point )
> rsync: rename "/media/backup/USR/SYSTEM32/.AUTOCHK.EXE.xDMw7T" ->
> "USR/SYSTEM32/AUTOCHK.EXE": Permission denied (13) 
> Why only some files? Why rsync try to rename them? Why Permission denied?
> The script is launched with root. Is that some temp files? 
> The Netware volume is mounted with a user that has all rights on the volume. 

Rsync transfers a regular file by writing its data to a temporary file
in the destination and then renaming the temporary file over the
original.  This is why rsync is attempting renames; I don't know why
they are failing on your particular filesystem.  Possibly another client
of the destination NSS volume had AUTOCHK.EXE open and the NSS
filesystem wouldn't allow the file to be replaced while it was open?

> Another thing is that the timestamp is not correct on the destination
> server, but only for some files! These file are one hour less in the
> destination server.

This is probably related to daylight savings time.  Rsync copies mtimes
in seconds-since-the-Epoch, but if the two machines convert these times
into human-readable times according to different conventions, there may
appear to be differences.  See if there are any NSS configuration
settings for daylight savings time.

> Here is the parameters I use with rsync :
> rsync -v -t --delete --exclude=$EXCLUDE -e --ignore-errors $SRCPATH $DSTPATH


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