summary only in output

Terry td3201 at
Wed Feb 13 20:02:26 GMT 2008


I don't want my output to include every file like -v does.  I just
want the nice little summary at the end of the operation:
sent 691442 bytes  received 2462 bytes  462602.67 bytes/sec
total size is 683504  speedup is 0.99

I have about 50 million files I need to move from one machine to the
other and don't want the overhead associated with printing every file
that is being moved but I would like a summary at the end of the job.
I also don't want to run my output through a filter like grep for
obvious reasons.   --output-log="" puts a newline instead of the
information which isn't great either.  Any ideas?

Here is my command:

rsync -rt --delete foo/ bar/


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