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Matt McCutchen matt at
Tue Feb 12 13:20:24 GMT 2008

On Tue, 2008-02-12 at 14:41 +0530, PREM KUMAR wrote:
> I am in new in rsync cvs. I want to know how to configure the rsync
> cvs. we have two site we want sync on both site . If i do sync one
> site all the copy come to overwrite. I am using this command'
> rsync -az --delete --exclude '#cvs.*' --exclude 'CVSROOT/config'
> --exclude 'CVSROOT/history' --exclude 'CVSROOT/updatelog'
> cmadmin at /home/cmadmin/
> Please let me know how resolve.

Rsync is designed for one-way copying; for two-way synchronization, use 
Unison ( ) instead.  Even
so, Unison does file-level synchronization without any regard for the
special structure of CVS repositories, so it may corrupt the
repositories, especially if a change to the same file is committed on
both sites.  You may be able to find a specialized solution for
synchronizing CVS repositories; see this message:

Or you could switch to a distributed version control system, which has
built-in support for repository synchronization.  My personal favorite
is git ( ).


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