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Matthias Schniedermeyer ms at
Mon Feb 11 18:46:38 GMT 2008

On 11.02.2008 00:16, zahed wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I am a final semester MCA student. I've chosen rsync as the subject of my
> project for my graduation. Hence I would appreciate it if someone could
> guide me with some ideas on how I can contribute to rsync. I will work hard
> to implement whatever suggestions that you can all give me.
> I would definitely like to know what are some of the issues concerning
> rsync. May be I can then select one or two issues and try to solve them. I
> have 5 months for this project.

As a little "appertizer" you could make an option for the passing the 
O_NOATIME option available since Linux-kernel 2.6.8 to all opens. That 
way rsync wouldn't screw with the ATIMEs of everything anymore. It would 
be useful for filesystems mounted with "atime" or "relatime". Of couse 
on filesystems already mounted "noatime" there would be no effect. :-)

Here is what Matt McCutchen had to say when i was asked about how to do 
it myself.

- snip -
Add the option (--o_noatime or whatever you want to call it) in all
the appropriate places in options.c, including a variable to store
whether the option is on.  Then declare the variable in sender.c and
modify the do_open call in send_files to pass NO_ATIME if the variable
is true.  There are a number of do_open calls, but the one in
send_files is the most important (it opens the source files).
Additionally, if you care about listing source directories without
hitting their atimes, there seems to be information about how to do it
at ; the
relevant opendir is in send_directory in flist.c .
- snip -

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