Rsync 2.6.9 does not skip any files based on modification time

Stefan Malte Schumacher stefanmalte at
Fri Feb 8 09:59:02 GMT 2008

> Hmm, it does seem that Stefan is missing the -t option.
> As I basically always do "-a", I overlooked this.

Hello guys

Thanks for the quick replies. I just added the -tO option as well as the -i
The output looks this way :
<f..t..... Avalon/filename.gho>
After this rsync complains that it cannot set file names on
"/Avalon/filename.gho" because the Operation is not permitted. The
FAT-partition is mounted with " rw,user,nodev,nosuid,umask=000" so in theory
everything the user stefan is able to - as whom rsync is doing file
operations if I understand the uid-option correctly - should be possibly for
rsync as well. Should I try to set the uid in the rsyncd.conf to root ? Is
it possible that the chroot-option could cause this behavior ?

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