Rsync Hang with multiple files

Paul Slootman paul+rsync at
Thu Feb 7 10:38:15 GMT 2008

On Tue 05 Feb 2008, Jay Sargeant wrote:

> Using the following syntax:
>         rsync -avc -e "ssh -i /home/userxxx/rsync-key/" user at remote-server:/path/Issue14/ /local-path/
> If I modify the remote path to be /0*.doc which is about 5 files, then it works fine, but not with the entire path (about 30 files = ~ 4.22MB)
> The local and remote straces are as follows:
> Here is the local strace:
> execve("/usr/bin/rsync", ["rsync", "--daemon", "--no-detach"], [/* 32 vars */]) = 0

Where do these options (--daemon --no-detach) come from?
They can't be invoked by the above command line you show.

Paul Slootman

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