Small oversight in hard_link_one

Rolf Grossmann grossman at
Wed Feb 6 17:08:09 GMT 2008


while looking over my flags patch for the upcoming 3.0 version (more on
that later), I noticed a small bug was introduced into hard_link_one
when changing the return codes. As a result, in the rare case of the
hard link failing and the verbose option not in use, rsync wouldn't
try to copy the file, either. Here's the fix: 

--- hlink.c~	Tue Jan  1 05:40:51 2008
+++ hlink.c	Wed Feb  6 18:01:56 2008
@@ -393,7 +393,7 @@
 		enum logcode code;
 		if (terse) {
 			if (!verbose)
-				return -1;
+				return 0;
 			code = FINFO;
 		} else
 			code = FERROR_XFER;

Bye, Rolf

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