Windows Trouble with --link-dest set: "file not found" whenrsync tries to create hard link

Tony Abernethy tony at
Wed Feb 6 21:25:27 GMT 2008


Paul Johnson wrote:
> soft link is totally different from hard link. that junction on
> directory is not the same meaning of hard link in Unix concept.

Windows can (maybe) come close to doing a soft link, 
	directories/drives at least somewhat
	(but try following the links with Explorer on Vista;)
(At least if you don't push too hard)
If Windows had any hard link ability, they would do many things differently.

With Cygwin, you can do things that LOOK unixy.
This is not the same as that they ARE unixy.

On unix it is completely normal and reaasonable to delete a file that
someone else is writing to.

On unix it is reasonable to do the configure;make;make install bit
and only then remember that you really need to restart the program or you
are still running the old program.

I don't mean that those are good ideas, but on anything unix you can; on
windows you cannot.

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