Compiling with --disable-iconv

Rob Bosch robbosch at
Wed Feb 6 02:21:34 GMT 2008

I tried changing the HAVE_ICONV_H and HAVE_ICONV_OPEN but this does not
resolve the issue.  I noticed in rsync.c that there is an #endif without a
matching if condition at the end of the iconvbufs function.  Should this
function be available if HAVE_ICONV_H is not available?  I also don't see
how the ic_chck = iconv_open(defset, defset); (line 83) can be impacted by
these options.


I have a feeling some of this is a function of the cygwin compile
environment that I'm using but it seems I should be able to define these
parameters as 0 and get rsync to compile without iconv.



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