Sends files when I don't think it should [SOLVED, sorta]

Tuc at T-B-O-H ml at
Tue Feb 5 07:37:48 GMT 2008

> Hi,
> 	I've got one thats really stumping me... rsync 2.6.9 from FreeBSD
> ports on both ends.
> /usr/local/tmp/rsync --dry-run -v -v -v -v -v -v -v -v -v -v -v -v --dry-run -vrlptHDgozxS  --partial --force --delete --numeric-ids --exclude='A/*' --include='*/' /usr/local/etc/machines/ rsync at A:/usr/local/etc/machines/
> 	It seems to be sending over files that I can't understand why.
> From an ls, sum, etc standpoint the files are the same.
	According to Einstein :

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

	Well, I ran the rsync over again today, expecting the SAME results,
but alas... It gave me the expected behaviour today! I didn't change anything
in the command line. I didn't change anything on the sending server. I didn't
change anything on the receiving server.

	So how come one time it wanted to transfer over 40 files that shouldn't
have, and today it works perfectly????

		Thanks, Tuc

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