creation date and OSX [performance]

Anthony Morton amorton at
Mon Feb 4 04:55:42 GMT 2008

> My latest version of the crtimes.diff patch is now based on having  
> the flags.diff patch applied first, so they'll work together now.   
> You'll need to have the latest dev version of the source and the  
> patches, though (see the downloads page for the various ways to  
> access the source).

Incidentally, it seems the latest flags.diff still has some  
inconsistencies between '--flags' and '--fileflags': there are some  
five instances of the former that need to be replaced with the latter  
(or should it be the other way round)?

Particularly critical is line 367: args[ac++] = "--flags"; this  
appears to break fileflags transfers between local and remote hosts.

I'm fairly new here - should I be filing this in Bugzilla?

Is it also conceivable that the new crtimes.diff patch might get  
around the problem with the "could not find xattr" errors - anyone  
with a successful crtimes build care to check, or am I on completely  
the wrong track here?

[Perhaps this is an FAQ: are the patches in /ftp/rsync/patches  
guaranteed to be compatible with the latest source tarball in /ftp/ 


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