how to backup/restore of windows file attributes

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Wed Dec 31 00:48:15 GMT 2008

You may be interested  in the cwRsync FAQ
about using RoboCopy for transferring windows file attributes/permissions:

Can rsync transfer security/ownership information between two windows
machines ?

cwRsync alone has limited support since it runs on cygwin posix emulation
layer. However, after an rsync operation, you can use Robocopy XP010 from
Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit, to transfer all windows specific file
information (NTFS security, timestamps, attributes, ownership, auditing

ROBOCOPY source destination /XO /XN /XC /E /COPY:ATSOU


options /XO (exclude older), /XN (exclude newer) and /XC (exclude changed)
assure that only existing files are targeted. Option /E is for recursive
directory operation including empty ones. Option /COPY:ATSOU instructs
Robocopy to copy only attributes (A), timestamps (T), NTFS security
information (S), Ownership O) and auditing (U).


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> Subject: how to backup/restore of windows file attributes
> I use rsync for backing up windows.
> After a restore of Desktop.ini I recognize that the hidden 
> attribut and the system attribut will not been restored.
> I know, this are no unix attributes. But is there a way to 
> backup and restore the windows attributes too?
> Thanks
> Matthias
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