open solaris --one-file-system ignored, source path also ignored

Matt McCutchen matt at
Sun Dec 28 06:18:17 GMT 2008

On Sat, 2008-12-27 at 10:58 +1100, Jesse Reynolds wrote:
> I am attempting to backup a remote OpenSolaris zone to a local Mac OS  
> X Server 10.5.machine. Both are running rsync 2.9.6.

There's no rsync 2.9.6.  I guess you mean 2.6.9?

> The Solaris box has a filesystem mounted from NFS at /shared ... I am  
> trying (in vein, so far) to backup it's internal root filesystem  
> separately to it's NFS /shared filesystem.

> Problem 1/  use of --one-file-system when copying / is ignored and  
> the /shared filesystem is also copied

It's conceivable that this could just be Solaris weirdness, but...

> Problem 2/ when trying to just copy the /shared filesystem I also get  
> the root filesystem!

> command line run from the Mac:
> root     89707   0.0  0.0    76248    944 s003  S+    9:46AM    
> 0:00.01 /usr/bin/rsync --stats -v -e /usr/bin/ssh -i /var/root/.ssh/ 
> id_dsa -b whitegirl.local -C  --bwlimit=2000 -a --delete-after -- 
> numeric-ids -x --exclude=/proc/ --exclude=/usr/ --exclude=/lib/ -- 
> exclude=/dev/ --exclude=/sbin/ --exclude=/bin/ --exclude=/platform/ -- 
> exclude=/system/ --exclude=/etc/svc/volatile/ 
> shared/. /Volumes/DATA/Backups/accel2.carbonplanet.com_shared/
> child ssh process:
> root     89708   0.0  0.1    77092   1500 s003  S+    9:46AM    
> 0:00.07 /usr/bin/ssh -i /var/root/.ssh/id_dsa -b whitegirl.local -C  
> rsync --server --sender -vlogDtprx -- 
> bwlimit=2000 --numeric-ids . /shared/.

I've never seen that problem before.  Your command looks right, so the
only way I can see it happening is if the remote ssh is forcing a fixed
rsync server command (which would also explain Problem 1).  Such a setup
is broken and should be converted to use a single-use daemon over ssh.


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