DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5644] Option to recheck basis dirs for existing dest files

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Tue Dec 23 21:44:56 GMT 2008

------- Comment #3 from matt at  2008-12-23 15:44 CST -------
Note: The term "basis dir" is widely used in the source and on the list; its
omission from the man page should be considered a fault of the man page.

The word "override" makes sense with --compare-dest but is inappropriately
scary when one is using --link-dest to reduce transfer time and/or disk usage
without affecting the contents ultimately found in the destination.  I think
this is a sign that my approach in these three enhancement requests, of
generalizing the existing basis dir semantics along several different axes
until saner semantics are available, will be messier than I realized.  Instead,
perhaps we should make a list of motivating use cases, figure out what the new
design should be, and finally figure out how to retain backward compatibility.

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