use rsync 3.0.4

Daniel Maher dma+rsynclist at
Wed Dec 10 09:33:35 GMT 2008

Jignesh Shah wrote:
> Hello Friends,
> We are using rsync 2.6 and planning to switch to rsync 3.0.4 latest 
> version. Could anyone tell me how would I get latest rsync version 
> executable for unix different platform like sparc, i86 and linux? Also 
> how would I know what are the changes made in rsync2.6 to rsync3.0.4?

The Rsync maintainers do not officially supply pre-compiled binaires, 
however the Rsync download page links to a number of suppliers who do :

For a log of changes, you'll find the ChangeLog useful :

Daniel Maher <dma+rsynclist AT witbe DOT net>

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