rssync source code as a windows project

Shachar Shemesh shachar at
Thu Dec 4 08:14:56 GMT 2008

Jignesh Shah wrote:
> Thanks for reply. Could you tell what do you mean by RTFM ctags and 
> cscope,??
RTFM - Read The Manual

ctags and cscope - utilities whose manual I think you should read.
> Creating a new project I think it will have so many errors. We can do 
> it only if we know the complete code. If anybody or you have done then 
> please forward it to me.
rsync is a POSIX application. It will not compile natively on Windows 
without a considerable porting effort. No such port exists. If you only 
want VC to trace the function flow, it should be able to do that without 
compiling the code (see my rant above). If you want the code to compile 
on VC, I suggest you do the porting.


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