rssync source code as a windows project

Shachar Shemesh shachar at
Thu Dec 4 07:42:14 GMT 2008

Jignesh Shah wrote:
> Hi Friends,
> I have started learning rsync source code but I am finding very 
> difficult to go back and forth to find the execution flow. I could see 
> that rsync code is written in UNIX and the compilation is difficult. 
> Does anybody converted it into Windows Project so that we can open in 
> using Visual Studio IDE and it will be very simple to search for some 
> function and find the complete work flow.
> Thanks,
> Jignesh
RTFM ctags and cscope, or just create a project and put the sources into 
it (not that I think the later will do you much good).

Personally, I find VS's cross reference to have deteriorated 
considerably over the versions. VS6 had a cross reference that was tied 
to the compiler's symbol tables. This worked excellent, as no amount of 
preprocessor trickery would fool it. I much preferred it to ctags. 
Somewhere between version 6 and version 9, MS switched to Intellisense 
for cross referencing. My guess is that the VS6 version wouldn't cross 
reference a project unless it could compile it, and people (or at least 
MS's sales people) complained. As a result, the cross reference is much 
less accurate and error prone, and I no longer see any advantage for it 
over ctags and other tools available for Linux and Posix platforms.


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