Backing up from fat32 to ext3

Matt McCutchen matt at
Mon Dec 1 18:54:27 GMT 2008

On Mon, 2008-12-01 at 19:26 +0100, Thomas Ebert wrote:
> thanks for your replies. -c seems to take a veeery long time to generate 
> the file list.
> Currently I'm using
> -vrt --modify-window=7
>  and it's still not working.
> Am I missing anything? What options do you reccomend?

Pass -i and look at the output to see why rsync is retransferring the
files.  If the cause is indeed an mtime difference, check whether the
source and destination mtimes are the same after the rsync run.  We can
then try to establish whether rsync is failing to set the destination
mtime or what.

--modify-window should not be needed in this situation because it
accommodates a *destination* with an mtime resolution of more than a
second, but the destination here is ext3.


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