Rsync Error Code 23?

Matt McCutchen matt at
Thu Aug 28 04:26:36 GMT 2008

On Wed, 2008-08-27 at 10:45 -0700, earl.j.sanchez at wrote:
> Thank you for your response Matt.
> On the source server, "/snapshots/fs/tce_data/pc-software/pc" is a symlink
> to the directory "/snapshots/fs/tce_data/pc".
> On the destination server,
> "/drp/fmttcesrv1/snapshots/fs/tce_data/pc-software" is a directory which
> contains the partial content of "/drp/fmttcesrv1/snapshots/fs/tce_data/pc".
> rmdir cannot remove "/drp/fmttcesrv1/snapshots/fs/tce_data/pc-software"
> which is not empty as it contains partial content from
> "/drp/fmttcesrv1/snapshots/fs/tce_data/pc".

Ah.  If you want rsync to recursively delete a destination directory
that is to be replaced with a non-directory, you just need to use
--force.  (I was thrown off by the "File exists" error; I would have
expected "Directory not empty".)

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