Rsync Error Code 23?

Matt McCutchen matt at
Wed Aug 27 03:02:24 GMT 2008

On Tue, 2008-08-26 at 16:29 -0700, earl.j.sanchez at wrote:
> Regarding "rsync error code 23" could the below "delete_file: ...file
> exist" failures cause the error code 23? Or, how can I resolve this as
> these are the only errors I see in the log files. 
> Thank you! 
> START  Tue Aug 26 11:10:12 PDT 2008 
> /home/filerep/bin/rsync -e /var/openssh/bin/ssh --archive --stats
> --timeout 3600 
>  fmttcesrv1::tce_data /drp/fmttcesrv1/snapshots/fs/tce_data
> --bwlimit=900 
> delete_file: rmdir "/drp/fmttcesrv1/snapshots/fs/tce_data/pc-software"
> failed: F 
> ile exists 
> symlink "/drp/fmttcesrv1/snapshots/fs/tce_data/pc-software" -> "pc"
> failed: File 
>  exists

In this case I think it's actually the "symlink" failure causing the
code 23.  "delete_file" failures currently don't cause code 23, but they
probably should because they result in an incorrect transfer.

Rsync appears to be trying to delete what it believes is a directory
from the destination and make a symlink there instead.  However, its
rmdir call fails with EEXIST (File exists), which isn't even listed as a
possible error in my rmdir(2) man page.  What is at the
path /drp/fmttcesrv1/snapshots/fs/tce_data/pc-software ?  Is it a
directory, as rsync believes?  Can you remove the directory manually
with rmdir(1)?  If you can't, you have a non-rsync-specific filesystem
problem, while if you can, we'll have to investigate further why rsync
is failing.

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