accented characters in filenames mangled when rsyncing to a samba share

Ben Kenward ben.kenward at
Tue Aug 26 21:46:34 GMT 2008

Hi folks,

I am having a problem rsyncing files with accents in the names. I've
seen similar problems reported a few times before in the archives but
they didn't seem to be referring to exactly the same problem as what I
have, and I'm not good enough at Linux to solve my problem by
generalising from the information there: sorry.

Anyway, my specific details are this. I am running rsync on a QNAP
TS-109 which is a NAS device running a kind of debian linux. Also on
the network is a Lacie network drive formatted with FAT32, which I
mount from the QNAP using samba. I am trying to set up a regular back
up the contents of the QNAP to the Lacie. The problem is that any
filename which has accents in gets mangled. The files copy across but
the accents are mangled: if I view the files by mounting the Lacie
drive on Windows then the accents appear as the box special character,
repeated between around 10 and 50 times (with the rest of the filename
truncated); if I view the files using ls while ssh'ed into the QNAP
then accented character does not appear at all and the rest of the
filename is truncated.

A further strange behaviour is that when directories contain accented
characters, around 10 or so copies of them are created, each with
varying numbers of the box special character.

I would very much appreciate if anyone could help me with this! I am
happy to provide more detailed information on request.



Dr. Ben Kenward
Department of Psychology, Uppsala University, Sweden
+46 18 4712125

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