Error message "Killed: 9"?

mheld at mheld at
Mon Aug 18 15:57:43 GMT 2008


I'm trying to use rsync to backup one server to another, so I'm using this
line of code: "rsync -avz -e "ssh -i /usr/home/davis201/rsync-key"
/usr/www/users/davis201 duyenoyama at",
which gives me the error "Killed: 9" when it terminates.

I've tried turning on verbose to see if it'll give me any more details,
but all it tells me is:
"sending file_sum
false_alarms=0 hash_hits=0 matches=0
sender finished /usr/www/users/davis201/tpm/work/roa_pub_01b.jpg
send_files(16023, /usr/www/users/davis201/tpm/work/sonofabitch.flv)
send_files mapped /usr/www/users/davis201/tpm/work/sonofabitch.flv of size
calling match_sums /usr/www/users/davis201/tpm/work/sonofabitch.flv
<f+++++++ davis201/tpm/work/sonofabitch.flv
Killed: 9"

Occasionally the command will work, but occasionally isn't what I'm
looking for.

I would appreciate any help troubleshooting this error message.


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