File Locking

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Mon Aug 18 14:52:11 GMT 2008

> A different Kyle wrote:
> I have a situation that requires the files that rsync is
> uploading/downloading to be locked.  The reason is because it is possible
> to have more than one copy of rsync running and without file locking,
> the additional copies simply retry to upload/download a file that a
> previous copy is already working on.

>> The way I solved this problem for a data-mirroring system was to use a
>> small wrapper script that ensures only one invocation of rsync is ever
>> running at one time. This proved to be a robust solution for our situation.

>> --Kyle

Thanks for the idea but I sometimes need more than one copy to run at the same time so that won't work.  File locking is about the only option I can see.

Thank you.

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