File Locking

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Mon Aug 18 13:43:36 GMT 2008

First let me say that rsync is a wonderful program and thank you all for the hard work that went into it's creation.  On to my question.  I have a situation that requires the files that rsync is uploading/downloading to be locked.  The reason is because it is possible to have more than one copy of rsync running and without file locking, the additional copies simply retry to upload/download a file that a previous copy is already working on.  What I am hoping for is a way for rsync to notice that the file is already being copied and therefore move on to the next file.

I found a previous post from 2005 where someone made a patch for rsync that used flock to lock files but I can't find any other mention of the patch?  Is this possible with rsync perhaps via a patch?  If not, any other ideas?  By the way, I am using rsync on Windows under cygwin.

Thanks to all.


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