Can the rsync password be automated?

Shane Uys shaneuys at
Mon Aug 18 03:50:03 GMT 2008

Is there a way to automate the rsync password or maybe disable? I am
currently running rsync from a Windows command prompt and would like to
run it from a .bat file. I have read through the config man pages but
not sure if my ssh_config file is even being used. I tried
passwordauthentication = no but it still asked for password. I have seen
a option for --password-file= but I believe this does not apply in that
I'm using "ssh" instead of daemon. I am using copssh and cwrsync on two
Windows 2003 servers over the internet. Here is the command line used
that transfers a single file. Rsync -e "ssh" file1.x user at server:
followed by the password prompt. 

Thanks, Shane


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