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Sat Aug 16 09:53:11 GMT 2008

Hi <rsync at>

I have FTP server in Primary Data Center where all the users will upload
files for sharing and accessing to each other.

Now we have planned for a similar setup in DR Site ,wherein if my PDC server
goes down users can login to DR Server and continue the operations.I need to
configure a tool which will replicate the data from my PDC server to DR
Server daily.

*Server Details*:Its totally 30 GB folder which i needs to be replicated
between each servers.Also each a user can keep file for only 1 week ,after
that the files/folder residing in the concerned folder will be cleaned by a
automated shell script .

*Solution planned:*I planned to use rsync for this replication setup
everyday . Already I had used rsync but the servers were in same network.
Here its a Wan network .

I have checked the algorithm/docs for better customized requirement

1-Running rsync in a standalone mode

2-Synchronising only the difference in files/folder so that we can save

3-Compare the list of files/folders in two servers and update in DR Server

Please guide which is best possible solution for my requirement which will
not have impact on my network bandwidth.  Suggest any more ideas for the

Thanks in advance or any help

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