memory usage in rsync 3.0.3 -- how much RAM should I have to transfer 13 million files?

Aleksey Tsalolikhin at
Fri Aug 15 15:32:42 GMT 2008

To answer my own question, my rsync process has grown to 1 Gig
resident in memory and seems to be holding steady at size as it keeps
chugging along.

Boy am I glad incremental recursion has been added - thanks!!   I
would never have been able to do this rsync otherwise.


On 8/14/08, Aleksey Tsalolikhin < at> wrote:
> Hi.   Let's say I have 10,000 files per directory.   If I understood
> Wayne, rsync builds a list for all the files in the current dir, plus
> another list for the directory being read-ahead.
> So how much memory should rsync use, for 20,000 files?
> I did double-check with -v, and it says "receiving incremental file
> list" at the start of the rsync session.
> I've also removed the -H option.
> My options now are:
> --numeric-ids
> --perms
> --owner
> --group
> -D
> --links
> --times
> --block-size=2048
> --recursive
> -v
> --ignore-times
> What should I expect in terms of rsync's memory usage, please?
> Best,
> Aleksey

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