Rsync Auto Resume

Matt McCutchen matt at
Thu Aug 14 15:41:21 GMT 2008

On Wed, 2008-08-13 at 23:53 -0500, Shane Uys wrote:
> Is there any option for auto resume? I tried --timeout=1000 but it
> still terminates after 60s (when the internet drops).

No.  If the OS tells rsync that its network connection has broken, there
is no way rsync can reestablish the connection, so it exits.  If you
want to stop the connection from breaking, you might need to raise a TCP
timeout (I'm not familiar with this) or tunnel rsync through another
tool that maintains a virtual connection across network disruptions.
The rsync timeout is designed to make rsync exit when the connection (or
the remote process) becomes unresponsive, even if the OS doesn't
officially break the connection; it has nothing to do with preventing
the connection from breaking.

Another option would be to write a shell loop that runs rsync repeatedly
until it exits other than with a "connection reset by peer" error.

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