Rsync sending files that haven't been updated.

Chuck Kollars ckollars9 at
Sat Aug 2 19:09:08 GMT 2008

>  ... I am syncing between Windows and Linux and it was keeping the
> timestamps from the Windows side when copying to Linux. Even though 
> both systems had the same system time, the timestamp was always one 
> hour ahead of what it should be. ...

One hour, that sounds like Daylight Savings Time! That's probably the root of your problem. I suspect that `rsync` will start working right once the time on both machines is truly correct (not just "displays" correct, but "reailly is" correct). 

On *nix systems the real timestamp is always UTC; what you see is adjusted for the local timezone and the presence/absence of Daylight Savings Time. To see the "real" internal time on the Linux system, use `date -u`. 

Systems generally adjust automatically themselves for daylight savings time. If one of your systems didn't self-adjust this spring, and somebody _manually_ "corrected" it, what you describe is exactly what you'd see. The displayed time and timestamps would appear to be correct, but internally all the timestamps would really be off by one hour, and programs that depend on timestamps would misbehave. Be sure _both_ systems are configured to auto-adjust for Daylight Savings Time; on *nix systems this means choosing a timezone with a name like for example EST5EDT rather than just EST (EST==>Eastern Standard Time, 5 is hours added to UTC to get the local time during non-daylight time, EDT==>Eastern Daylight Time). 
-Chuck Kollars


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