Rsync recently modified files first

Paul Slootman paul+rsync at
Mon Apr 14 09:15:11 GMT 2008

On Sun 13 Apr 2008, Joe Henning wrote:

> I'm using rsync to mirror/transfer files between a remote server and
> my local server.  I've recently been given some new transfer
> requirements --- I now have transfer files from the remote to local
> server in a "reverse timelike" fashion; i.e., I have to transfer
> most-recently modified/created files first and then work backwards in
> time.  From what I've read in the documentation, I don't think rsync
> can do this for me.  Can it?  If not, is it an "easy" modification to
> make?  How would one go about doing it?  Thanks.

rsync always transfers files in order of filename, as that is the best
way of comparing two lists to find the differences.

Perhaps --delay-updates could be helpful?

Paul Slootman

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