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Paul Slootman paul+rsync at
Sat Apr 12 10:26:56 GMT 2008

On Sat 12 Apr 2008, sri vasulu wrote:
> while i was using ssh from local machine to remote and vice versa,i am
> getting the following error.
> *error message*
> *=====================================================================*
> *ssh  **srinu at* <srinu at>* *
> *Local: Bad packet length 1349676916.*
> **
> *=======================================================*
> *I had different ssh versions on local & remote this causing the
> error*.

[ lots of ssh grief ]

> *by using putty tool  i was able to ssh in to these 2 servers separately.but
> when ever i was trying to use ssh from local machine to remote machime or
> vice versa i am getting the above error.*
> * *
> could you please  provide the solution/'s very urgent.

As I said, this is an ssh issue, not rsync. You will probably have more
success finding a solution when asking on an ssh-oriented mailing list
or forum.

Paul Slootman

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