some questions about "do_server_sender" and "do_server_recv" in rsync-0.1

alanqk alanqk at
Thu Apr 10 15:12:51 GMT 2008

Hello,I'm studying the source code of rsync-0.1 recently.Because the latest version is so complicated, I have to start my study from rsync-0.1 for simplicity.
In the main.c file of rsync-0.1, there are two functions--"do_server_sender" and "do_server_recv".I don't know when they work.When I want to transfer files between a local client and a remote server, I could use command: rsync src user at host:dest  or rsync user at host:src dest.But what's the commant format if I want to call --"do_server_sender" and "do_server_recv"?
And I wonder that -s and -S option each stands for in rsync command because they are related to 
"do_server_sender" and "do_server_recv".
Thank you!

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