DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5373] rsync uses more space in destination even with -S specified

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Fri Apr 4 14:13:29 GMT 2008

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> The target
> filesystems continually run out of free space even though they are larger in
> size.

Do I understand you correctly: you are copying a source filesystem to a
destination filesystem that is larger and contains nothing but the copied data,
so you expect the data to fit, but it doesn't?

Be sure to use --delete to delete any extraneous files from the destination,
and if the source contains hard-linked files, use -H to preserve the hard
links.  If the problem persists, you'll have to work a bit harder to figure out
where the expansion is occuring; follow Wayne's procedure in "thing to check"
#3 in bug 3485 comment 3 to generate and compare listings of the source and
destination filesystems.

> I am unable to use the sparse flag on rsync as the application relies on this
> fact.

What "fact" are you referring to?  Sparse source files will take up more space
on the destination unless you use the -S option.  If you have sparse source
files but your application won't let you preserve their sparsity, you need more
space on the destination; there is nothing rsync can do about that.  If none of
the source files are sparse, -S shouldn't matter.

> I am unsure if the following highlights the possible problem but I have
> attached an example of the AIX fileplace command showing an application file
> and the first time I have copied this file using rsync.

I'm not familiar with fileplace, but just looking at the output I see no
evidence of expansion of any kind.

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