Check free space on destination

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Fri Apr 4 06:30:40 GMT 2008


I use rsync to backup some data to an external NAS which has a
rsync daemon running. The problem is that I sometimes have too much
data to store, so the rsync fills up the whole NAS drive until that doesn't
react anymore as it has no space left for the working system.

Is there a possibility to tell rsync to leave a certain amount of space
on the destination? I couldn't find a parameter, either for client or
for daemon. Maybe it could be done by outputting a filelist and
then have a script check before executing every file if the available
space is big enough for that operation? Has anybody ever done
something like that?

I'm using Windows for the client, but I could also create a little
C-program in case the needed features for such a script exceed
the DOS-shell's capabilities (which is likely). If possible I'd prefer
a client side solution as I can't change the rsync installation on
the NAS. I can just get the available space over an smb-share.

Would such a check be a useful addition to rsync?


bye  Fabi

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