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I have a problem with rsync and hard links :

I have 1 folder : P, with 2 subfolders : S1 and S2

S2 contains a lot of hard links to file stored in folder S1.

       P : -S1
            -S2 (S2 files hard links to S1 files)

I would like to rsync the folder P to another computer, but each sub folder
S1 (110 Go) and S2 (10 Go + hard link to 100 Go of S1) contains thousands of
thousands of files, and when i try to rsync the folder P i have an out of
memory error.

The command used is : rsync --recursive --hard-links -e ssh --stats --delete
--links --perms --times

So i try to rsync the subfolder S1 and S2 in two rsync commands (with same
argument as above), and then the hard links between S2 and S1 are not

Is there a solution to keep the hard links between S2 and S1 when running
two separated command ?

Thank you,
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