Copies and deletions from a single list of files / directories?

Box, Wallace Wallace.Box at
Wed Sep 26 23:14:35 GMT 2007

Hi rsync folks - 
I've got an interesting scenario that I need help with.
I'd like to files and directories between a very large source and target
- about 350,000 files in the directory tree.  When I run rsync between
the two to figure out the differences, it takes about an hour.
However, I do have available on the source server an exact, simple list
of what should be copied and also what should be deleted, and if I could
control the rsync processing with this file, I should be able to cut
down the process to just a few minutes.
But there's no distinction between the two in the list.  It's just a
list of file and directory names - some to be synced to the target, and
some to be deleted from the target.  It's almost the same information
that ultimately be generated from using the 'batch mode' rsync option.
Here's what I'd ideally like to happen.  I'd pass the list to rsync,
using --files-from. Then, for each entry in the list, perform the
1) if the entry does not exist on the source, delete it from the target.
This would apply to either a directory or a file. 
2) if the entry exists on the source, sync it to the target.  If it's a
file, just copy the file over.  If it's a directory, sync the directory
so that the target's directory matches the source directory.
Is this possible?  The closest we've come is to:
1) take the list and prepend / before each entry,
2) duplicate the list,
3) append /** onto each entry in the duplicated list,
4) concatenate the 2 lists together, 
5) use this list as the input to --include-from, also using the -r
-exclude=* on the command line.  
I'm just wondering if there's a cleaner approach.  Ideas?
Many thanks,
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