Rsync and opened files

Egoitz Aurrekoetxea eaurrekoetxea at
Wed Sep 26 20:31:31 GMT 2007

Thanks a lot for all you're answers mate all of them very useful... IMHO rsync will work quite nice with alomost all servers if you avoid backing up this way databases (they're dump utilities should be used instead... And later rsync the .sql files for example...). I think I'll set up all my servers from today and in the future over lvm and later rsync over lvm snapsphots... Well time to study how to do this :) lol...

Thanks a lot mates have a nice day!!!!

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>could this copy correctly opened files?
it`s not a question if it`s open - it`s a question if you get a consistend copy.

with this, there is nothing which makes sure that the files doesn`t change during transfer - so if it happens, on the target side you have a file different from the source.

think of a big database file, gigabytes sized.
now you start rsync. it starts and finds the file different from the backup copy, so it begins to transfer the changes
to the target side. for example, after scanning 2gb of the files and transferring the diffs, the database process may change some blocks within the first 2gb, after that some blocks within the next 2gb rsync yet has to transfer.  but rsync won`t see the changes within the first 2gb and continues reading to the end and transferring/syncing the rest but leaving the first 2gb "as is".
so you may end up having a file in some really inconsistent/weird state!

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> Hello,
> I'm trying to determine if rsync is a sure method of backing up servers (Linux and Windows) whose files are constantly being accesed and are not able to be stoped they're services for backing up purposes... I would use it over ssh for making incremental backups... in my tests seem to always have worked backing up from a debian server to the copy server that runs debian too...  I'm using the next :
> OPTS="--force --ignore-errors --delete --backup --backup-dir=/home/ramattack/pruebas-rsync/$BACKUPDIRMES/$dia -avz"
> rsync $OPTS $BDIR /home/ramattack/pruebas-rsync/$BACKUPDIRMES/imagen-copia
> BDIR is source I want to backup and /home/ramattack/pruebas-rsync....... is the destination...
> could this copy correctly opened files? Normally I will use it for backing up linux machines normally... and the backup server will be of course a linux machine (debian machine). but how does it behave with linux machines?
> P.D. I have googled and searched over there but all posts I've find are old... and I wanted to have a recent answer.
> Thanks a lot mates!!!
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