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Robert robert at spotswood-computer.net
Wed Sep 26 21:41:34 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 26 September 2007, Fabian Cenedese wrote:
> At 18:01 25.09.2007 -0500, Robert wrote:
> >I'm trying to use rsync (version 2.6.9) to back up some files. However, a
> > few of them contain Hebrew characters. While I can back them up, the
> > filenames come through scrambled (I don't have Hebrew characters
> > anymore). I've tried the -8 switch, but that didn't work. Any
> > suggestions?
> >
> >Background:
> >
> >The files are created on Windows and saved on a samba share (v3.0.24). I
> > can copy them around in Windows just fine. Konqueror, on the machine the
> > files are physically on shows the file names properly. But when I copy
> > them using rsync, the file names get scrambled (Hebrew characters only;
> > English characters are fine).
> I guess you're using cwrsync which uses the cygwin1.dll. The normal release
> is not unicode aware and therefore has problems with non-ascii characters.
> I also had this problem with German umlauts. There is a unicode-release
> of the cygwin1.dll which you can copy over your existing cygwin1.dll.
> In my case the problems went away. The characters still look strange when
> looked at in Linux (different codepage, encoding...) but at least from the
> samba share they're the same.
> http://www.okisoft.co.jp/esc/utf8-cygwin/
> bye  Fabi

That fixed it. You were correct about the cygwin usage. Thanks.

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