compression of source and target files

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Sun Sep 23 12:52:55 GMT 2007

oh, this is interesting patch - thanks for giving pointer.

i have tried it and it and it looks interesting, but somewhat incomplete.

i can transfer remote files to a local dir and they are being compressed on the
local side, but (quite logical) this breaks size/content-checking. 

being also mentioned in the patch:

+Use of --dest-filter automatically enables --whole-file.
+If your filter does not output the same number of bytes that it
+received on input, you should use --times-only to disable size and
+content checks on subsequent rsync runs.

so, just deciding transfer based on timestamp is a little bit unsafe for me.

i tried "--checksum" but it didn`t work as expected.

seems this option needs to be touched/enhanced to work with 
--dest-filter/--source-filter or maybe even size/content-checking 
can be implemented by just making sure rsync takes the uncompressed
size for comparison. this will use much cpu, though....


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> Betreff: Re: compression of source and target files

> On 9/21/07, Kenneth Simpson <ken at> wrote:
> >  Sorry, I neglected to mention the source is uncompressed but
> > we need to compress the target file because we're running out
> > of disk space and the files are highly compressible.
> You might try the experimental patch "source-filter_dest-filter.diff"
> that comes in patches/ of the rsync source distribution.  It adds
> options that claim to do what you want, but I have never tested it;
> your mileage may vary.
> Matt
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