PATCH for 2.6.9 to fix logging of daemon stats

Julian Pace Ross linux at
Thu Sep 20 08:29:31 GMT 2007

Hi Wayne,

I'm using 2.6.9 with the daemon-stats.patch you had send a few months back 

I have noticed something strange though:

I ran a dry run WITH the --exclude-from=FILE argument:
sent 39440 bytes  received 22 bytes  15784.80 bytes/sec
total size is 569895385  speedup is 14441.62
(Thats approx 569 MB total size)

...followed immediately by a dry run WITHOUT the --exclude-from=FILE 
sent 1576836 bytes  received 126502 bytes  25614.11 bytes/sec
total size is 30053499099  speedup is 17643.88
(Thats approx 30GB total size)

The exclude-from list contains files that amount to a few GB, but definitely 
not to bring down to 569MB.. so that value in the first case is definitely 
wrong. Has there been a patch for this?

Thanks again


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> On Wed, Sep 19, 2007 at 10:17:52PM +0200, Julian Pace Ross wrote:
>> I may be wrong, but it seems that when "total size" is more than
>> FFFFFFFF bytes (int32), the total size is still displayed wrongly in
>> the daemon logs when the daemon is the receiver.
> What version are you talking about?  The CVS version has had this fixed
> for quite some time now (using write_varlong(), which handles 64-bit
> numbers).
> ..wayne..
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