Data corruption check

Matt McCutchen hashproduct+rsync at
Wed Sep 19 14:27:43 GMT 2007

On 9/19/07, Fabian Cenedese <Cenedese at> wrote:
> Thanks for the explanations. That means that -l and -c are not
> usable together as they contradict themselves, right?

Correct.  I tested with rsync 2.6.9 and it appears that if you use
both, -c overrides -I.

> I guess if I first made a normal rsync and then a rsync --dry-run -c
> I could find file differences that shouldn't be (provided there
> wasn't any real change otherwise, like in the middle of the night).
> Of course that wouldn't tell me what side had changed, but still
> something worth considering doing once a month or so...

I like this idea.  In fact, I often use "rsync -i --dry-run" (with or
without -c) as a sort of filesystem diff command.


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