Rsync & the changing File 'Date Modified'

Matt McCutchen hashproduct+rsync at
Sun Sep 9 22:20:43 GMT 2007

Thanks.  Please re-run rsync at -vvv verbosity level to make the
receiver print the modification times it intends to set.  Then send
the verbose output and the actual modification times on the source and
destination for the affected files.  That should help us figure out
what is going on.


On 9/6/07, jrradtke <jrradtke at> wrote:
> Thanks Matt.
> Answers to your questions are inline:
> I suspect the corrupted times are Netware's fault.  Let's talk about the
> Linux -> Netware job because it's simpler (no Windows involved).
> What is the full rsync command?
> rsync -varz /home/Database/Tables/ --log-file=/root/rsync.log
> --include-from=/root/filelist --include "*.MB" --exclude "*"
> Is the Netware server accessed using rsync's remote capabilities (a remote
> shell or daemon) or a network filesystem?
> As a daemon.
> rsyncstr.ncf = sys:rsync/rsync --address= --port=873 --auth
> --daemon --config=sys:rsync/rsyncd.conf
> I am running Rsync ver 2.62 on the Netware server and 2.6.9-1.rh7.rf on the
> Linux (RedHat 7.2) / Samba (2.2.8a-1) machine

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