Batch mode scenario ("use case")

Suresh Govindachar sgovindachar at
Sun Sep 9 20:52:31 GMT 2007


  I came up with this scenario of the use of batch mode while
  thinking of back-up schemes to use for myself.  However, it could
  be that the last step needed in this scenario is not supported by
  rsync!  Here's the scenario:
  At one time, /c/home/wer/work and /e/gold had identical content
  and were really huge (say, 200 GBytes).

  After some complex, intricate work, Mr. Wer did:

    rsync -a --only-write-batch=/e/cmds/foo /c/home/wer/work/ /e/gold

  Very soon after that, /c dies;  and Wer needs to provide his
  Customer_A stuff that used to be in


  He needs this stuff immediately, meaning, Wer cannot wait to
  rebuild everything from /e/gold.  However,
  gold/some/path/projects/c_a is merely 5 Megs -- but it is not 
  the latest version.

  Wer starts by creating the directory /f/new_home/wer/work, and 
  then uses -R as follows:

    rsync -aR /e/gold/./some/path/projects/c_a /f/new_home/wer/work
  which gives him an old version of c_a inside 

  Question:  How can Wer use the batch file /e/cmds/foo to recover
             c_a in a timely manner (recall /e/gold is 200 Gigs and
             Wer cannot wait to rebuild the entire
             /f/new_home/wer/work;  and he needs c_a immediately)?

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