(CYGWIN) Rsync Stalling Upon first file transfer.

Jonathan Hurd texasjhurd at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 6 22:15:44 GMT 2007


This is the exact same problem that I'm experiencing, but couldn't find a fix for it... Anyone?

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Subject: (CYGWIN) Rsync Stalling Upon first file transfer.

Rsync will recieve the file list, and discover the files to consider, and then stalls out on the first actual file transfered. 
0 bytes 0kB/s. On the recieving server, the DLGDiagv504f.exe file is named .dlgdiagv504.f.exe.7dd0oa and is only 512 kb. The rsync process still runs after this, like it's in an idle mode.
It's not just this file, its been a number of different files. Permissions seem correct on both servers. Im using the latest cygwin build of rsync. 
Using this command:
rsync -av --progress --delete --exclude-from=exclude.list pullserver:/cygdrive/p/ /cygdrive/p/
pulling via ssh.
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