Win32 port?

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Wed Sep 5 14:10:39 GMT 2007


Has anybody ever tried (and most probably failed) to port rsync to Win32?
I know there are versions built with cygwin and there are also other
Windows programs that include the rsync algorithm. But neither of them
make me really happy. The cygwin version is dead slow on my AMD
3500+ and the Windows programs all make something differently, can't
be scripted and/or have an unusable GUI.

I know that especially the process handling, signals etc is different and
may be difficult to get around. But socket communication and file
handling shouldn't be so hard to adjust. Looking at gnuwin32 there
are many *x tools already ported to Win32, unfortunately not rsync.

Are there other big difficulties in porting?
Thanks for any insight.

bye  Fabi

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