Rsync & the changing File 'Date Modified'

jrradtke jrradtke at
Tue Sep 4 18:45:05 GMT 2007

I am using Rsync to backup 4 Linux/Samba servers to a Netware 6.5 server over
a VPN. Also using cyRsync to backup XP computers to the same Netware 6.5
server ovre a LAN.
Rsync is run from a cron job on the Linux servers and the actual process
works fine. 
However, I have found that when I rsync to the Netware Server from either
Linux/Samba or Xp, the file Date Modified is changed to something like
12/31/2097 for files only, and only for some of the files ... like the ones
that have been recently modified ...

Any thoughts?
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